Daniel was a Typical High School Kid


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I watched this video and my heart sank. Imagine then, how the mother/family and the neighbour felt. The mother says after her son used a shotgun on himself, the sight she came across was “horrific”. I cannot image what she has been through, and no doubt, what she continues to go through. As a mother myself, I pray my son is never a subject of bullying, nor will he ever become a bully himself.

Bullying needs to stop.

One day, Daniel received a text from a bully that said, “Why don’t you take one of your precious guns and do the world a favour and go kill yourself.”

Daniel replied, “You won’t have to worry about me anymore. I’m going to go home and kill myself.”

The bully texted back, “Put up or shut up.”

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She Was Pursued by Her Partner

Yet another article I have come across relating to Domestic Abuse/Violence. Yet more children, who no doubt, witnessed if not all, then some of the abuse.

The coroner said Miss Fothergill was involved in a “violent and volatile relationship” with partner Stephen Wakefield, causing her mental health to deteriorate. He said she “continued to be drawn back” to him.

It is easy to be drawn back to an abuser (especially a narcissist). Typically, they tear you down until you are a shell of your former self. This makes it easier for him or her to manipulate you as much as possible. You begin to question everything you do, because they make you believe that you are not capable of making a decision by yourself, or that everything you say or do is indeed, wrong.

Unfortunately, I am able to say that I understand this woman’s pain, and why she took her own life (whether or not she meant to). This does not make her weak; I entered a very dark place, whereby I did not think there was going to ever be a chance for me to escape, so suicide did cross my mind on many occasions. Even during my pregnancy, I had those thoughts (I don’t care who wants to judge me), because I did not want my child to grow up in such an awful environment, witnessing his father beating and/or trying to murder his mother.

Miss Fothergill also had cuts to her face and forehead, mouth cuts and a grazed nose. There was bruising on her right arm, which could have come from resuscitation attempts.

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