PAW Patrol

Maximus Octavian

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Some may know from following Max’s blog, he loves (mummy) to purchase magazines – for whatever toy they come with. Oh, the showdown in the supermarket if he doesn’t get his own way!

As well as being a fan of a number of of characters (i.e. Thomas & Friends, Minions, etc), he is a Paw Patrol fan too.

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Transformed, you are now looking at Deputy Maximus, and he has the badge to prove it! Wearing his ear piece, he is ready to receive a call, reporting a crime!

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What is Kool Zuumz?

Maximus Octavian

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As much as mummy protested against getting this (she doesn’t like guns, toy nor real), Max was adamant he wanted it. And boy, was she was right not to want to get it. He made her his first target practice! :/

From there, he moved onto framed pictures. Then on to auntie Tammy.

Fortunately, he lost the ‘bullets’, and moved on to another next toy.

(Please note: Mummy has now hidden the gun. 🙂 ).

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Giant Truxx Digger

Maximus Octavian

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Mummy is not a fan of taking Max shopping with her, and here’s why. He must choose something he wants every single time – even when she says no. It started with sweets/candy. Then small toys (namely cars). From there, magazines with toys. And now this.

This gives you an idea of how big it actually is! Luckily, he carried it back from the supermarket by himself. Although to be fair, he was comfortably sat, whilst mummy pushed him around in his buggy.

A message from Max: “Hello everyone! I am not wearing this t-shirt due to the EU Referendum results. It is merely a coincidence. Even though I told mummy a number of times that I did not get a chance to vote, let’s face it, I am to young to do so. I would be very grateful if politics were not brought to my blog. Thank you!…

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Let’s Play Darts!

Maximus Octavian


Max was so excited when our neighbour knocked to give him a present out of the blue. This is the same neighbour who gave him the Airport Play Set, a couple of months back.

This time, it was a velcro dartboard. What a relief it wasn’t one with real darts! Tee hee!

Mummy and Max had fun playing against each other for a little while… that was until he decided it was his toy, so she was not allowed to play any more. 🙂

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Building Blocks

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Maximus Octavian


Looking pleased with himself, Max loves making things, especially with his building blocks. Bridges, roads – even cars.


Here he is the following day…


Only this time, the finished product was a train. He was so proud of it. ❤

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A Battle That I Lost

So, today I fought a battle and lost miserably. Yes that’s right folks, Max won.

I went to the supermarket/grocery store, where Max spotted this:


Now after he threw the biggest tantrum after I said he could not have it – kicking items off the shelves and crying out real loud – I had the public and staff laughing at me. Why? Because the only way for me to get out of such a situation was to purchase the thing.

Thomas the Tank Engine is evil! 😀

I’m sure Bridgette sympathises with me!

By the end of it all, I needed this:


I am NEVER taking this child to get groceries with me again!

And breathe…

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