Narcissist Exposer #7

The narcissist can see when you’re gaining strength, fed up with their mind games, physically and mentally exhausted from them. They either play nice until they get back in control or they discard you… go ghost/abandon you. This is like their punishment for you seeing right through them… finding them out. They have to be surrounded by supply that can’t see the real them.

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Narcissist Exposer #6

When they can’t break you, they try to get on your team and cheer for you. Never let your guard down with these types of folk. They are waiting to pull you back in to that dark space you fought hard to pull away from.

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Narcissist Exposer #5

It is normal to miss them, but please don’t go back to a toxic relationship, that you exhausted yourself trying to keep together simply because you miss them… What exactly are you missing?? The lies, turning on you, treating you like the enemy, making you feel like you can never measure up, always frustrated, never making time for you.

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Narcissist Exposer #4

Narcissists don’t grow. They just pull you down to their level of darkness and pain. It is only up to you to gain the strength and pull yourself out. It is only up to you to become motivated enough to never turn back. Their plan is to keep you on their level of misery. Never accept that.

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Narcissist Exposer #3

No they haven’t changed. Yes, their playing nice is very temporary. Yes, if money is involved, they are motivated to fake longer than normal (the ones that don’t have any). Yes playing nice to get something is exhausting to them. No, thy don’t feel the normal way we feel. Yes, they have observed enough to tell you exactly what they think you want to hear. Yes, it is a lie.

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Narcissist Exposer #1

Everything they do… EVERYTHING is attached to some type of agenda for only them and them only. They don’t care who they hurt. They just want what they want and will risk it all to get it. You just have to make sure you don’t ever give in.

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Apart from raising my son on my own, I am sure many are aware that I am an Animal Advocate. When I am not blogging, this is part of what I do. 72.4k tweets (and counting) helping to save the lives of as many animals as possible. (In case you are wondering, Anderson is my real surname).

We can all do our bit to save the Animal Kingdom – many of which are becoming extinct due to illegal poaching, trophy hunters and greed.




I know it is not something everyone may want to be involved in, but please spread the word. You may know others who will.

Thank you!