Making the Most of the Good Weather

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Yesterday was HOT!

Yesterday was HOT!

Yesterday (09.04.17) was so hot, I had to rub sun lotion on Max! At this time of year, he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I couldn’t believe it!

And then I saw this…

20170409_154500 (480x640)

Did this guy not feel the heat? I mean, he even had his hood on!

One another note, I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.

Love, P. x

Don’t You Just Hate it When…

You have errands to run, and it’s pouring with rain. You still have to get them done regardless, so end up getting soaked.

As you are walking home, approaching your front door, it suddenly stops raining?



Have a lovely day folks.

PAW Patrol Gear

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It’s Snowing in London

I just left Church after attending Mass, and realised snow is finally here in London, although it is not settling – yet. My Little Yum-Yum will be very pleased when I collect him from preschool, as he has been asking me to “make it snow” so he can make a snowman. Although I am not a fan of snow myself, it is beautiful, and am grateful for anything that does or will put a smile on my son’s face.

Stay warm everyone. ❤


20160429_141944 (360x640)


Oh, the joys…

Still love England though. ❤

Mother Nature


Did I not have a word with Mother Nature in a previous post?! 😀

I need for the weather to improve – and to stay that way. I have a very important appointment to attend on Friday, and I don’t wish to show up looking all washed out! It has been a long eight weeks, but it is almost time…