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Befriending Oneself

When you are at peace with yourself, peace transcends you.
But when you are at war with yourself, war transcends you.
By nature more, than by design.

Sreejana Chettri.

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Max’s English Dictionary ~ Part Two

Maximus Octavian

Here he goes again!

Gloggly Eyes – Googly Eyes

Retective – Detective

Blutterfly – Butterfly

Flamley – Family

Cimema – Cinema

Natkin – Napkin

Gackels – Capitals

Breakfuss – Breakfast

Dining – Darling

Rounding – Random

I are – I am

Bag Word – Bad Word

Sellotake – Sellotape

Gragley – Bradley

Ambled Eggs– Scrambled Eggs

(Click here for Max’s English Dictionary ~ Part One).

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