Edinburgh Students Have Been Named the Women to Watch in 2017

Dear all,

My friend’s daughter needs your vote.

Her name is Esme Allman. I have watched this young lady grow from strength to strength over a number of years – including attending one of her performances. A fine young lady, with so much to give, she is beautiful inside and out.

Esme is the BME convenor, which involves organising Black History Month, kickstarting the LiberatED campaign (revising Edinburgh’s curriculum to be more inclusive and empowering for minorities), planning events for BME Mental Health and Awareness, as well as holding events that empower the Women of Colour at Edinburgh. On top of this, she performs poetry and acts, featuring in a four-hander, sell-out play earlier this year. She is also part of the model team for this year’s charity fashion show.

Currently number three on the list, she needs a boost to get her to her rightful position – number one!

VOTE now to have your say

Welcome to The Tab Future 100, supported by Barclays. It’s like the Forbes list, but for the women to watch at Edinburgh.

Below are a group of carefully selected students – those with the most up-votes will be entered into The Tab Future 100: a definitive list celebrating influential women across the country.

Those who feature in The Tab Future 100 will be invited to Barclays’ head office to gain mentorship and advice from leading female execs at Barclays.

Voting closes this Sunday at 11:59pm.

Voting is easy; just click here for the link.

Many thanks in advance.

Have a great day everyone!

Love, P. x

My Beloved London

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It is not common for me to post at this time, as it is quite late here in London. But I have something on my mind. It is with a heavy heart that I write this.

Some of you may have heard about what happened in my beloved London today. (If you want to read about it, click here).

(I wrote on Facebook): ‘My heart goes out to the families of the deceased, and may those who were injured recover swiftly’.

Thank you to wonderful Tony (at Tony Burgess blog) and amazing Amy T (Picking Up the Pieces) for checking in on Little Yum-Yum and I on Facebook. I really appreciate it.

For the past few hours, I have been hearing search helicopters, as there was a crowd of police and a ‘lock down’ at Kennington Tube Station. (Click here to view).

For those who follow my son’s blog, it was only Friday (17.03.17 – 5 days ago) that I posted it was a glorious day, so we went to Kennington park (see image from his blog below).


Whilst I do not live in Kennington, this is just too close to home.

I want to swear. I want to cry. I want to hide forever. I want to shout. I want to scream.

But most of all, I want World Peace.

I can’t take this any more. As I listen to the helicopter circulating, I look at my innocent son, worried about his future. And the thing is nowhere is safe as this bulls**t is happening everywhere.


World Peace.

It’s not just London; I think this way about every single tragic event I read about all over the world.

This beautiful world we live in, but humans choose to self-destruct.

I’m drawing to a close now, as I am finding it difficult to type through the tears, pain and sorrow. (Please accept my apologies in advance for any typos). I just want to ‘say’ one last thing.

I pray every single night. Sometimes, I simply thank Him for my blessings, because I feel guilty for asking  for too much. More often than not though, my prayers are long. I even pray for the same things when I go to Mass Friday mornings. At times, some of the things I pray for change. But one thing does not…

I pray for God to help mankind. And I’ll never stop praying for that.

Stay safe. Stay well.

Good night folks.

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Four Year Anniversary

Yesterday (13th March) was my four year anniversary.

This was the day I landed in the UK with my then 12 week old son, after being in an abusive relationship.

This was the day I realised I was no longer going to punched, hit, strangled, suffocated and then some.

This was the day I realised that even though my abusive ex-husband agreed my son and I should go to the UK and he would follow, I knew he wouldn’t.

This was the day I realised my son was not going to grow up following in the footsteps of his father.

This was the day I got my life back – even though I am still not completely back on track.

This was the day I said “No more. Enough is enough”.

This was the day I started to live again.

I’ve Lost My Voice


Yes folks, I’ve lost my voice.

Master Maximus had the biggest grin across his face this morning when he realised.

I have a bad cold too. I just want to curl up and hibernate until summer.

But, I can’t, so here are a some giggles on me! 🙂





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That Time of Year Again


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Yes, folks. Today is my 41st birthday.

I’m still kind of celebrating this year… I’ve bought presents for Max instead! He’ll be pleased!

Spending time with my Little Yum-Yum, it’s highly likely that I will not be able to read your posts/respond to your messages until tomorrow or the day after.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Love, P.x

Don’t You Just Hate it When…

You have errands to run, and it’s pouring with rain. You still have to get them done regardless, so end up getting soaked.

As you are walking home, approaching your front door, it suddenly stops raining?



Have a lovely day folks.

Anyone Else Experiencing This?

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I think WordPress is on the blink again!

Whilst going through my feed, I noticed a post from Paul Militaru and from Weggieboy’s Blog had merged. :/